Quote from RackSpace YouTube.

DevOps integrates developers and operations teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, automating workflow and continuously measuring application performance.

I agree with the statement 50% because there is one important aspect that is missing from it. I believe that DevOps should have a connotation that you or your team owns the whole process from design, code, test, deploy, monitor to maintain.

Regardless though, automation and integration is the key.

Microsoft Buys GitHub

I’m sure everyone knows the news by now. Microsoft is buying GitHub.

My reaction to it is “Oh, OK.”

I don’t like the people who blindly criticize the move. There are old people who still live in the 80s and 90s when Microsoft was regarded as an evil empire. Those people the ones who say “RIP GitHub”. I really don’t think so.

Microsoft is a very different company now that contributes so much to the open source space. I personally think it’s a good thing for GitHub. Microsoft also contributes the Linux Foundation as well. I’m sure they realize that for Microsoft to survive, it cannot exclude or ignore Linux and open source technologies.

I got to learn to love Linux and open source technology very much. I have had such a great experiences in the last few years. I will gradually share my experiences about them.


I have been extremely interested in and also using Python as one of my favorite programming languages at work and privately. I’m not saying it’s the best language, but it gets job done quite elegantly.

As an experienced software engineer, whenever I want to learn a new language, it has always been a problem that almost all the tutorials go through “Hello World”. I guess “Hello World” is OK because I would definitely need to know how to print some text on a screen. The problem I have is that I don’t need to learn what variables are, what booleans are, what strings are and what-not. I found this guy Dan Bader on YouTube. His lessons tailor to somewhat experienced software engineers and I have been enjoying his contents.

No, I am not affiliated with him nor get paid to talk about it. In this blog, I will only talk about what really interests me and what I think is good for fellow software engineers, I promise.

Software Engineering Trend

I have been in this industry for the last 20 years. A lot has changed and I think I have adopted to the trend quite alright but then new technologies have emerged much more than I can easily absorb, which makes it interesting to be in this industry.

There were no “DevOps”, “Build Engineers” or “System Engineers”. Software Developers used to pretty much do anything that came their way and I was one of them.

In this blog, I intend to write about the trend of software development and pretty much everything related to software development that interests me. This blog will also play a role as my own notes. With so much information you have to digest as a software engineer, there is no way you can remember them all. My own seachable database is a pretty powerful thing to do. I also would like to share what I have learned with whoever is out there.

I hope this blog will help me and help anyone on the Internet. 🙂