Zoom Chooses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

In the coronavirus pandemic situation, the demand for getting online has surged. Zoom has been an essential tool to communicate with my colleagues.

Just recently Zoom chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as its infrastructure. This is a very interesting news. Not AWS, not Azure, not Google Cloud but Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

It’s amazing to learn that 7 petabytes of data goes through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure daily according to this article.

Now I should go back to migrating my WordPress site to OCI. 🙂

Take Care

I haven’t posted this blog for a while because of coronavirus crisis. I do study programming and technology on a daily basis but I spend other time to follow and be alert about the current situation. Protecting my family is my first priority.

Engineers out there, please take care of yourself. Even if you think you are going to be OK because you are not in the risky age bracket, you might affect others. Please stay home as much as you can.

I just heard of a news that Shimura Ken (the most famous Japanese comedian) passed away today. This is the saddest news I have heard in a while.

Stay safe, but keep coding for our better days…

Happy New Year

Happy new year to fellow engineers!

This is going to be the year of exposing more useful information to the world. My resolution for this year is to continue my blog and bring the number of blog entries up to 300 with quality. I’m at around 120 now, so 180 more to go for this year.

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of things I don’t know and I want to know. The time is never enough. What matters is that I love what I do and software and the Internet technology is just scratching the surface.

New Job

I started a new job yesterday. Today was my second day at the new place.

I have not dug into anything yet as I’m still getting my account and development laptop set up. The office is very nice and it’s the best environment I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve been in this industry in the last 21 years. This makes me feel that good things come after working diligently for many years.

I can’t wait to actually contribute to the team and the company.

journalctl -f

I had port 22/tcp traffic from outside to my router and to my main Linux machine. This means that I could ssh into my machine from outside. I’ve had it open for a while.

Just out of curiosity, I ran the following command.

sudo journalctl -f -e

-f option means “Show only the most recent journal entries, and continuously print new entries as they are appended to the journal.”

So with these options, I can continuously monitor what’s going on with the daemons. I saw a bunch of logs like the following.

Nov 18 21:00:38 linux-mint sshd[17600]: Failed password for root from port 60182 ssh2

This looks totally suspicious. Who is trying to logon to my machine as root? You can see the IP address and I decided to check on it on abuseipdb.comSure enough this IP address was reported many times. With this kind of data, I immediately closed the port 22. It’s probably a zombie PC that keeps scanning IP addresses all over the world looking for open ports to attack. This is really annoying because I can’t open ports for ssh and/or RDP. I mean I can but it’s much more risky than using a solution like VPN.

If you have port 22 open to one of your machines, it’s pretty interesting to see how many machines from outside trying to get a root access to your machine. That’s why it’s very important to have a complex password even if it’s for your personal use.

Dream Fighter

I’m a big fan of Perfume. I have pretty much all of their CDs. They are a Japanese pop music group. I love their music, choreography, looks and their spirits. The song that keeps me motivated to study is “Dream Fighter”.

Lyrics starts like this…

Aim for the best, to go on a never-ending journey
It’s surely proof that we’re living
Oh! Yeah! Reality can beat us down pretty badly, but
Surely, look forward and walk, Dream Fighter

I’m still in my never-ending journey of being an engineer.


Software/System engineering is a vast field. It’s like being a doctor for computers. For example, a doctor can be specialized in heart surgery but the same doctor may not be specialized in brain surgery. But it’s very helpful for doctors to know other parts of human body. After all, a human body is a whole system that work together.

I want to know more about computers but there is so much that I can’t remember everything. That’s part of why I’m doing this blog.

I found this web service that allows you to create flash cards. Anki means “remembering or learning by heart” in Japanese. I’m starting to use it because I want to remember more things. I know repetition is the key to remembering things. I don’t remember the command I used one year ago if I don’t use it.

It has iPhone app (which costs money and I bought it) and Android app that syncs with the data on the web service. It lets you repeat the questions you create on the website and/or on the client application that you sync the data with the web service.

I think this is pretty cool. I hope they will improve the UI a bit more. 🙂

Netflix’s (no) DevOps -> Culture

I just watched the entire video of “How Netflix Thinks of DevOps” twice. It’s amazing to hear about the world class company’s system architecture and its culture. There is a lot to learn not only about its technology but their mindset and culture.

The part that I was most inspired about was the culture part. So many companies and recruiters are only interested in the number of years of experience and how many years of experience you have on certain technology. Don’t get me wrong. Experience is very important and as a person who has 21 years of experience, I have learned so much through my experience.

What I’m saying is quite often we engineers are not asked about the mindset and culture we bring to the company. I think the culture and mindset is very important. Extremely important. What I feel the most important thing is is the person someone you think you can work with and be able to contribute to your organization? When a company or recruiter asks me “how do you rate yourself with PowerShell out of 10?”, it really turns me off. Such a shallow way of gauging an engineer’s skill set. Isn’t it time when we are asked different kind of questions in hiring process?

As much as having technical knowledge is important, having the right mindset is critically important as an engineer.

After I published this article, I thought of definition of DevOps.

DevOps should not really be a job title. It’s a set of tools, automated processes, mindset and culture that helps move code from development to QA to staging to production systems as fast as possible with quality and values to customers. Agree?

Buying a Server

I just ordered a server. Not a desktop PC but a server. I never thought of buying one but I have been wanting either a Mac where I can test things or a PC.

This morning I typed “PC server” on amazon.com and found this one. It turned out that a PC server is a much better deal. Now that my older son came back home with computer science diploma, I thought he and I should have a home lab.

Here is the spec.

  • 2 of 2.93 Intel Xeon 6 core processors = 12 cores
  • 2TB hard drive
  • 6 SATA slots
  • 64GB DDR3 memory

All these for $520. I was going to get a Mac mini but this is a far better deal. I intend to install ESXi and to make it a VMWare server. Sure, I should do proof of concept stuff on AWS or Azure or whatever cloud solution I may choose, but on-prem is a cheaper way to do experiments.

I can’t wait to share my experiments with it here on my blog!