Copy Drives with rsync on Windows from WSL

I have E: drive that I have been using for years to dump my personal files. I just purchased 4TB drive for fear of failing drive, so I want to copy everything on E: to the new drive (F:). I could have drag and drop everything from E: to F: but I wanted a geekier way (well maybe more robust way) to copy files from E: drive too F: drive. Here is how I started the process with rsync.

rsync -avz --progress /mnt/e/* /mnt/f

I have like 1TB of data (that’s it?) and it will take hours for it to finish the copying process.

VPN Server After a Month Usage

It’s been more than a month since I started to provision a VPN server in Tokyo on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. I’ve been watching TVs and movies in Japan whenever I have time. I analyzed how much it would cost me to have a semi-permanent VPN server in Japan on OCI previously and I estimated it at $1.8 per month. Has it been really that little? Here is the actual cost.

So for entire March (31 days), it was $1.98. If cost per day is $0.06, it would be $1.86 but it was $1.98. I found out the resource cost to the fraction of cent is $0.064, so it came up to $1.98. That said, a stable and reliable VPN server without noisy neighbor problem at less than $5 is very very reasonable.

One thing I found out is that if you connect multiple devices at the same time, it can get unstable. I have no problem with it because I can’t watch multiple TVs at the same time. If I wanted to have multiple devices connected, I’d provision one or two more VPN servers because one ARM host is at around $2 after all.