Managing Your Own DNS on OCI

You can manage your public DNS for your domain on OCI.

But first, you have to change the DNS delegation to OCI’s name servers like the following.

Whatever domain registerer you use, I am pretty sure you can change name servers for your domain. Once you change the domain delegation, you can start to manage your DNS records within OCI console.

Once you navigate to DNS Management on OCI console, click Create Zone.

I have as a domain that I want to be hosted on OCI, so I am going to create it.

Once you create the zone, you can add records.

Select A record for the record type and enter the public IP address you want to assign. I am leaving subdomain as blank because I want the name to resolve to the IP address without any subdomain. Also enter the value of TTL. TTL stands for time to live and it’s a duration how long the DNS resolution is cached before reaches back out to collect new and updated details. I am setting it 60 seconds for now but longer or shorter TTL has their own purposes, so I’d recommend that you look it up.

Now you can click Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

Then, click Publish Changes button to get it published.

If you go to DNS Checker and see how it is propagating around the world, you get to see something like this.

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