Bash Scripts

Bash scripting is my weakness as an engineer. I don’t like bash. Here are the reasons I don’t like it.

  • Bash depends on standard output. If you need to work on a complex scripting, it easily gets ugly dealing with a bunch of string mambo jumbo with regex.
  • Commands are each independent executable.
  • You cannot create functions with parameters. You have to use variables always at the global level.

So as a strong alternative, I use Python most of the time. Because I don’t prefer to use Bash script, my skill in bash scripting is limited. I believe bash does have a place to be but I tend to avoid it.

That said, I think I should spend more time on Bash to be at least fluent with it. I don’t consider myself to be fluent yet.

I used this bash script to install and configure openvpn. This is one of the most amazing script I have seen. There is a lot to learn from it.

My Linux Mint Desktop is Broken

My Linux Mint desktop has been broken. Somehow it doesn’t boot anymore. I tried to reinstall the OS but it still is not.

When I booted it and went into the BIOS screen, I saw a very high CPU temperature. It was like 91C but I went ahead and kept on using it anyway. It must have damaged the CPU itself and possibly the motherboard.

So the recovery plan I am thinking about is to buy new CPU, motherboard and memory and reinstall the whole thing. I am planning to save some money for it.