I’m going through the basics of C++ on this site. I am imitating the code on the site and actually compile it and execute it. So far, C++ is kind of too much… Here is the example I’m talking about.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

class Person {
    Person() = default;
    Person(int age) 
      : age(age) {


    Person(int age, std::string name)
      : age(age), name(std::move(name)) {


    int age = 25;
    std::string name = "Unknown";

int main() {
    Person person;
    std::cout << person.name << " is " << person.age << "\n";

    Person person2 = Person(40);
    std::cout << person2.name << " is " << person2.age << "\n";

    Person person3 = Person(33, "Johnny");
    std::cout << person3.name << " is " << person3.age << "\n";

Here is the code in Python that generates the same result.

class Person:
    def __init__(self, age=None, name=None):
        self.age = age if age is not None else 25
        self.name = name if name is not None else "Unknown"

if __name__ == '__main__':
    person = Person()
    print(f"{person.name} is {person.age}")

    person2 = Person(40)
    print(f"{person2.name} is {person2.age}")

    person3 = Person(33, "Johnny")
    print(f"{person3.name} is {person3.age}")

Now that I see the difference, I wonder if I’m going to continue with C++ exploration. C++ still fascinates me, so I might continue a little more. Hmm I don’t really have a motivation to create an application C++ because of the lack of syntax sugar, so…

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