Tokyo VPN Server Cost

I provisioned an ARM64 VM in Tokyo last weekend to create a VPN server in Japan. I noticed that I was starting to get charged for it. Here is how much…

So far only $0.09. Looks like only $0.06 per day. That means $0.06 x 30 = $1.8 a month. A full blown VPN server just for myself for $1.8 a month. The boot volume size is what’s costing me, and the size is 47GB. That’s the default size I picked.

I thought up to 4 ARM64 hosts were free but that seems to be only in the home region, which is us-ashburn-1 in my case. But still $1.8 per month for my own VPN server in Japan is very very cheap and I have no problem keeping it running. I have been using the VPN server to watch movies and contents in Japan and I have been very happy with it.

I used to have an VPN server in Japan with Azure and it used to cost me around $20 a month for mostly data transfer but OCI seems to be very generous in the amount of data transferred.

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