Programming Languages

I like programming languages. Each programming language has its unique syntax sugar.

The language that I use the most nowadays is Python. It just gets things done at work.

The first programming language I had my hands on seriously is Visual Basic 6. I remember buying a beginner’s package at Fry’s electronics for $99. At that time, I just came to US wanting to be a software engineer. Not knowing where to start, I thought I’d start from somewhere. That gave me a career. It was a very rough start where I had to work 16 hours a day for a while and the requirements changed every day and to make matters worse, a sales guy sold an enterprise solution to a big customer while no code existed at that time. It was a .com era and it was a crazy time. The company doesn’t exist anymore for the obvious reason. VB 6 was the first language I became fluent with and I also got a skill to write ASP (Active Server Pages). VBScript was what I breathed every day at that time… I still remember how to code it today.

Dim rs As RecordSet
Set rs = New RecordSet
' Do stuff here
If Not rs Is Nothing Then
    Set rs = Nothing
End If

Though it makes me feel nostalgic, I wouldn’t want to code in Visual Basic anymore.

I rambled too much about the past but if I had started my career with a language like C++, I think my career path would have been different but after all I am at where I want to be, so it’s all good after all. I never had a chance to get my hands on C++ and I’m interested in it.

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