Experiment with Azure

I remember doing some experiment with Ansible on Azure sometime in January for about 2 weeks. I just got charged $12.16. Azure charges come to my as surprise… Hmm I didn’t think it was costing that much, kind of surprise. I should have monitored the cost as I was using it but I provisioned just one small VM, so I didn’t think it was going to be $12.

I went head and did some analysis. Here is the details of the cost.

  • VM License: $7.43
  • Storage: $2.50
  • VM: $0.77

Oh, I was paying to a VM license… I wondered what I provisioned… If I remember correctly, it was Oracle Linux. When you use Oracle Linux on Azure, it costs about $0.019/h. I had it a little more than 2 weeks so it makes sense. However, as far as I know, Oracle does not charge anything for its license if you provision Oracle Linux on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), so if you want to use Oracle Linux, OCI is a good choice.

I see people posting question like “Which distro is good other than CentOS?”. I’d say Oracle Linux is a very good choice. It is 100% compatible with RedHat Linux and it’s free. As far as I know, Oracle Linux is very well maintained by Oracle very often and as long as Oracle is in business, it will continue to be distributed for free. RedHat dropped the ball on CentOS because it didn’t make business sense to RedHat but Oracle uses Oracle Linux for their production a lot so I don’t see them dropping the ball anytime soon.

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