Ansible WordPress Repo

I guess I finished my personal project of provisioning WordPress site with Ansible. I was able to run it and get a WordPress site to show up in just about 10 mins. I’m sure there are some loose end I could tighten but it generally works. Here is the GitHub repo I worked on.

ansible-wordpress repo on GitHub

Setting up a free OCI account (ARM64 Oracle Linux 8 is always free eligible) and getting a domain name through are two things you may need to do but if you pay like $60 for (DNS service) annually, you get to have your own full blown WordPress site with your own domain name.

One thing to be careful about this approach is that you have the full control over the site, meaning if there is any issue, you are on your own to analyze and resolve the issue. You have to update your SSL cert yourself as well. If you are not so good with Linux or have no willingness to dig into it, it wouldn’t be for you.

If you are a CS student wanting your own site or you are learning how websites work, you may want to dig into it. After all, just $60 per year to have your own WordPress site with your own domain name is really reasonable.

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