Blog is My Home

This blog is no popular but I feel so home here. There is no one who tells me what to do with it and no one tells me how should write certain code. I get that from work, which is fine but I feel a total freedom in this blog. And I realize that I love what I do. That is why I spend my own time in the evening to dig into what I’m interested in. No rush, no deadline, no politics… It’s just me wandering in the software world.

At the same time, I often come to this site while I am working for reference. I sometime hit a hurdle but I remember I have done it before in my blog, so I come here and search. This blog is my external memory. I cannot remember everything for sure. I also hope that parts of this blog site will help some people out there. Though this is not a popular site nor I don’t get many comments, that’s what makes writing blog fun.

Full WordPress Site within 10 Mins

I pretty much finished writing the Ansible code to configure an Oracle Linux 8 machine from scratch to the point where it runs a full WordPress site on ARM64 processor. It took just about 10 mins. This is a milestone for me. It used to take at least a few hours for me to set it up when I didn’t have Ansible automation while I search for the information I blogged here.

I will probably polish the code to the point where I can share with the community sometime this week or next week.

How to Clear DNS Cache on Linux Mint

The names you type in your browser or whatever you do to hit another machine by name and the corresponding IP addresses are cached locally. When you change your DNS, you want the cache to be cleared. Here is the command you can use on Linux Mint to clear the cache.

sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches

Once that’s done, it goes out to your ISP to get the names resolved again.

WiFi Adapter for Linux

I seldom talk about hardware of any kind because I’m a software professional but hardware is a must for software to run on it. I had some bad luck with WiFi adapters previously. I had to look for driver for it and when the kernel update happened, I had to reinstall the driver everytime. However, the following product has been working very well without me having to look for a driver to install to get it to work. It’s Panda 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter.

It’s been working great on my Linux Mint box for more than a year now.