MySQL 8 Community Edition on Vagrant VM

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I have been working on a personal project that allows us to provision a test Vagrant VM that has MySQL 8 Community Edition installed. The combination between Vagrant and Ansible made this possible.

I put the code up in GitHub for your consumption and feedback.

When you do vagrant init [url], it creates Vagrantfile. The Vagrantfile has the configuration of the Vagrant VM. You can have Ansible file in the Vagrant file to automatically execute when the Vagrant VM starts.

So yeah, please read the README file to start to use it. Any feedback and pull requests are welcome! 🙂

VS Code Remote SSH Development

Though I love Linux Mint, I still have my Surface Pro 7 laptop for my personal mobile use. There is nothing I really need Windows for now but I just have it around when I need to be somewhere else to do my personal work.

I’m away from my desk but I want to continue to work on my personal project I started on my Linux Mint. Sure I can continue to do it through SSH in terminal using vim but I want to use my favorite editor like Visual Studio Code. I looked around how I could edit my code remotely. I found Visual Studio Code Remote Development extension. I was able to connect my VS Code on my Windows via SSH and directly edit the files.

I followed an instruction on remote development using SSH and I was able to start to use it. It’s quite easy to follow so I high recommend it!