How to Install Docker Compose 2 on Intel x86_64 Processor

I’m guessing most of the people out there still use Intel x86_64 processor. I am writing a blog article on how to install Docker Compose 2 on it.

  1. Create a directory.
    mkdir -p ~/.docker/cli-plugins/
  2. Download Docker Compose 2 binary for x86_64.
    curl -SL -o ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose
  3. Give the binary file execute permission.
    chmod +x ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose
  4. Check if the binary has been installed successfully.
    docker compose version
  5. You should an output like the image below.

Back to Linux Mint

I had my old PC laying around doing nothing for about a year. I am reviving it by putting it back at my desk and installing Linux Mint.

I love the fact that once you install the OS, pretty much everything is good to go. There is no spending so much time to get certain device to work because of driver issues. I can just start to use everything I want.

I cannot emphasize hard enough how great Linux Mint is. I would think it is up for prime time to take over the desktop world. I understand non-tech people may say they cannot play games with Linux. I guess they can just stick with Windows but Linux is very very capable of running computations. This blog runs on Linux, and even really big enterprise sized applications run on Linux. My daily work revolves around it and I am having so much fun.

I am thinking… If you are a tech and don’t even bother to learn Linux, you would have a serious disadvantage as an engineer.

Just recently, my own blog really helped me perform a great work and all of the articles that helped it were related to Linux. Obviously, my company uses Linux for all of our production purposes and I am so glad I spent a lot of time digging into it and blogged about it.

With the latest toy of vagrant, I am having so much fun!