I had a chance to learn vagrant at work. It is created by Hashicorp which is the creator of Terraform. I love what they have done. You can easily provision a VM locally and manage them. Looks like it requires VirtualBox as its hypervisor. You may want to install it beforehand. I learned that VirtualBox and Hyper-V can co-exist if you are on Windows.

To install Oracle Linux 7 VM, you can…

vagrant init oraclelinux/7

You may want to decide which directory you init it from because it places Vagrantfile which has configurations of the VM. You can make changes to it as you see fit.

To start the vagrant VM, execute…

vagrant up

Just like that you can spin up a VM. To get into the VM via ssh, just enter…

vagrant ssh

You can do port forwarding to the VM so you can spin up test environment on the VM.

This is the best toy I have had in the last year or so. 🙂

Edit: There are other types of providers that Vagrant supports. Hyper-V is one of them, so it should work with Hyper-V as well.