2021 at a Glance

I have been blogging since June 2018. This year has been rocky in my personal life (health wise) but I accomplished something great in this space. I have taken full control over my blog engine and DNS by moving my domain name to DNSimple and by provisioning WordPress engine on Docker on OCI. That was some struggle but it was totally worth it for me because I’ve got to learn so much from it.

After all I am a software engineer and I should be able to do it but if you don’t try to dig into it, I would never have accomplished it. This blog is hosted in OCI where the ARM64 host is free of charge, so I am only spending the money for the DNSimple service which is about $60 annually. $60 for your own domain and a free hosting for your blog site is totally worth it if you don’t mind spending some hours to get it up and running.

My passion is in automation, so I will blog my findings in that area in the next year or whatever is related to software engineering. This is my space after all. Thank you for the all visitors and the ones who left comments in this site.

I look forward to interacting with more people next year.

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