Where Cloud Makes Sense

There are some Cloud providers out there. AWS by Amazon being one of the most famous one. There is Azure by Microsoft and there is OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) by Oracle. Cloud is nothing but computers on the other side of the Internet is what I used to think, but it’s a lot more.

I mean imagine a situation where you want to run a high demanded service? You would have to hire bunch of experienced engineers, invest in infrastructure, compute resources and then you have to design networking, how applications can be deployed, and how they can be monitored… It is not hard to imagine the amount of money that you would have to spend up front is big.

And the service your company have may experience big spike by holiday season demand but other times, not so much. If you host your application on-premise, the money you need to invest is big throughout the year.

However, if you do it on Cloud, you spend pretty much nothing up front. You can scale up your infrastructure depending on the load but you can terminate the resources that you don’t use other times. I think Cloud can save you so much.

Plus, Cloud providers does hardware maintenance for you. If an SSD fails, they replace it for you at no cost. They are specialized in it. And they keep adding services so that you can use them.

When you think about the infrastructure that they have, it could cost you hundreds of millions of dollars if not a billion. I heard that the initial investment that Larry Ellison did for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was around 2 billion dollars.

Imagine your company has to pay that much money up front to create your own Cloud? I mean, paying 2 billion dollars doesn’t mean you are gonna get good scalable Cloud. You have to have the right engineers at the right place.

The more I learn about Cloud, the more I believe in it and it amazes me how it can change the IT world.

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