Installing JetBrains Products on Oracle Linux 8

I am trying to configure Oracle Linux 8 as my spare laptop. I need to install JetBrains products on it. I tried to install JetBrains Toolbox but it wouldn’t work. It’s packaged as AppImage file, so it should be pretty easy but when I execute it, a blank white window shows up and disappears.

So I looked for an alternative way to install JetBrains products. I installed snapd on it with the following command.

sudo dnf install snapd

Then, I searched for the JetBrains products like the following.

snap search jetbrains


Name                       Version   Publisher   Notes    Summary
pycharm-community          2021.2.2  jetbrains✓  classic  PyCharm Community Edition
phpstorm                   2021.2.3  jetbrains✓  classic  PhpStorm
pycharm-professional       2021.2.2  jetbrains✓  classic  PyCharm Professional Edition
intellij-idea-community    2021.2.3  jetbrains✓  classic  Capable & Ergonomic Java IDE
intellij-idea-ultimate     2021.2.3  jetbrains✓  classic  Capable & Ergonomic Java IDE for Enterprise, Web & Mobile Development
webstorm                   2021.2.2  jetbrains✓  classic  WebStorm
datagrip                   2021.2.4  jetbrains✓  classic  DataGrip
clion                      2021.2.3  jetbrains✓  classic  A cross-platform IDE for C and C++
pycharm-educational        2021.2.2  jetbrains✓  classic  Easy and Professional Tool to Learn & Teach Programming with Python
rubymine                   2021.2.3  jetbrains✓  classic  The Most Intelligent Ruby and Rails IDE
space                      2021.2.0  jetbrains✓  -        Desktop Application for JetBrains Space
rider                      2021.2.2  jetbrains✓  classic  A fast & powerful cross-platform .NET IDE
goland                     2021.2.3  jetbrains✓  classic  GoLand
intellij-idea-educational  2021.2.2  jetbrains✓  classic  IntelliJ IDEA Educational Edition
kotlin                     1.5.31    jetbrains✓  classic  Command line Kotlin compiler

The first application I want to install is PyCharm, so I ran the following command to install it.

snap install pycharm-professional

If you search pycharm in your GNOME UI, you will be able to start to use it.

I still would like to use JetBrains’ Toolbox so I posted my question in their support forum to resolve

Before I posted it, I did a fair bit of research. Toolbox is packaged as AppImage, so you can check the command options like the following.

./jetbrains-toolbox --appimage-help

I learned that you can even extract files from the image like the following.

./jetbrains-toolbox --appimage-extract

I did digging into the extracted files but I could not find a solution for it. Oh well, I can use JetBrains’ products anyway, so I’m happy for now.

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