Surface Pro 7 Replacement

My 1 and a half year old Surface Pro 7 had gotten broken. It would turn on but I wouldn’t see anything on the screen. So I looked for a way to get it repaired and Microsoft wanted me to send it to a repair center and get it replaced with a refurbished one for like $500. If I had gone for a new laptop with the spec I wanted, it would have cost more than $1000, so I went for the option.

I sent it back to Microsoft’s repair center and I received the replacement yesterday. I was happy to receive it and I immediately turned it on and went through the initial setup process.

After hearing the annoying Cortana’s narration, I got it connected to my WiFi and then tried to move on to associate my Surface Pro 7 with my Microsoft account but it continuously failed on “Checking the connection to Microsoft. This might take a while.” and it would take me back to connecting to WiFi. It turned out to be endless loop of connecting it to my WiFi and the message. Reinstalling Windows 10 did not make any difference.

I even tried to install Linux Mint to see if it boots OK but it did not. I was able to boot Surface Pro 7 with the bootable Linux Mint installation USB but after I installed it, it did not. I am guessing there is something wrong with a part of hardware. When I tried to look for a solution on the network device issue, Microsoft wanted me to run a diagnostic tool on it. It was impossible

From what I read, Microsoft said that I would receive a refurbished replacement. I don’t mind refurbished product but I would recommend that they do more extensive testing before they ship the replacement.

This resulted in me having to create another support case and send it back to Microsoft. But this time, they are not charging me at all because it’s still under warranty.

My old Macbook Pro lasted for about 10 years. During that time, I had to pay some to get it repaired. As for Surface Pro 7, it broke in one and a half year. I might have gotten a lemon but as much as I like Surface Pro 7, I am not a happy customer.

But with the most economical option, I will try to use Surface Pro 7 as long as the next replacement works for me.

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