Surface Pro 7 in Repair

I have had my Surface Pro 7 for the last few years. It had been working well until recently but it died today. It was malfunctioning in the last week or so. It was not showing anything on the screen when I turned it on. It did come back up sometimes but it was rarely usable.

So I searched Microsoft’s repair service. They want to charge me like $500 for a replacement because it’s out of warranty. I could have gone for another new laptop but what I would like would cost at least a thousand. I did things to improve the situation such as applying the latest firmware and reinstalling Windows 10 but nothing worked. My old MacBook Pro lasted more than 10 years and my current company provided MacBook Pro has been working just fine for the last 2 years. It’s sad that the PC laptop doesn’t last so long…

I do like Surface Pro 7 but I was getting quite sick and tired of the unstableness every time Windows 11 updates happen. So to mitigate it, I installed Linux Mint on it. It looked like it worked but still the graphic damage was so severe that it wasn’t usable.

I’ve sent the device to the address it was specified in the repair process page already, so I should get a replacement in a few weeks. No personal laptop till then… oh well.

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