Tech Support Scam

I’m guessing whoever come to read my blog is quite technical. I’m unpleasantly surprised that tech support scam has been going on on a large scale against innocent old people. I can’t stand such injustice. I have been so into this YouTube channel by Jim Browning. He has amazing skills to track them down.

I never thought such scams could make millions but they do. When you see “Virus Detected!” kind of message with a phone number by merely accessing a website, please do not call that number. They are there to fraud and rip off money from you. Please do not get fooled by the scary sounds or the alert messages. They are all fake written in JavaScript and HTML.

I hope this spreads at least some awareness of the scam industry mainly going on in India.

Jenkins Toolset Explained 2

One of the most useful feature of Jenkins Toolset is Compare. You can compare 2 jobs with your favorite diff tool. I use Beyond Compare for it.

You can see the differences in these 2 jobs in text. And you can sync all or parts of the job and push the change to the Jenkins master side right there on the tool.

This could be (or was) useful when I had to make similar change to an existing job from a new one.

The example is only showing the comparing 2 jobs on the same Jenkins master but it is possible to compare 2 different jobs on 2 different Jenkins master too.

To be continued…