New Stuff

I am using Visual Studio 2012 Preview 3.1 on Windows 11. I didn’t plan on it but I just installed them when I saw them available on my personal laptop. I wouldn’t do it to my work laptop but I don’t mind being bleeding edge on my personal machine.

I like new stuff. It’s been my nature for decades in my software engineer career. I believe it has been doing good to me. Being a software engineer, you always need to keep up with new technology. The technology I used to work with a decade or 2 ago is completely different from what I deal with today.

If you find it hard to do, software engineer might not be the career for you. If you find it fun to do, then you have a good chance to be a good software engineer.

I’m not saying new stuff is always better. I think balance is very important. Using everything new is not good and sticking with old way only is not good either. It’s a matter of balance.

This blog is a place where I explore new stuff and keep it so that I can come back to it if I forget and share it with the people all over the world.