Linux is Ready for Prime Time

Over the years, I have had a lot of interest in Linux. I would download and install some distribution on my PC or virtual machines to try them out but it was hard mostly because of issues with drivers. And the desktop environments were not there yet.

About 5 to 6 years ago, I wanted a media PC for my TV and I gave Linux Mint a try. It was a great pleasant surprise that I didn’t have to struggle with drivers and the software I needed. I also tried Hacintosh for 10 years, so that gave me a good experience. A long time Windows guy slowly transitioned to Mac and Linux.

Please don’t get me wrong, but I’m not completely defying Windows at all. I do like Windows too but when it comes to performance and freedom I get from Linux, nothing can beat it. And I think Linux desktop environments are ready for prime time.

I’ve done quite a bit of distro hopping but I realized that it’s no use. What you can do with Linux distros are pretty much the same but what makes things different is the desktop environments such as GNOME, MATE and Xfce. You can install all of them and switch as you go. Unlike distro hopping, you don’t have to wipe out your disk to try them out.

Once you install Windows or macOS, you are stuck with it. But with Linux, you can use any desktop environment available. And all of them are free.

I have a Windows machine, Macbook Pro and 2 Linux Mint machines at home. I love what I have and I keep digging everyday. 🙂

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