Moved to OCI’s Free Tier

I decided to move to OCI’s free tier because the charge was going up faster than I expected. If you see this blog post, it’s on the free tier host.

I had already gone through the migration process so it wasn’t too hard to do it but still it was some work.

I was starting to get charged 67 cents a day. My ads on this blog doesn’t earn that much, so I was starting to be negative on the budget.

So far, since June 3 to June 17, only $3.13 but you can see the cost was starting to get higher in the last few days. The Shape of the host was VM.Stardard.E3.Flex with 2 AMD CPUs and 2GB of memory. $3.13 is nothing for the technical knowledge I gained migrating my WordPress site to my own Cloud but I wanted to make it economical to make it more sustainable. I thought 1 AMD CPU and 1GB of memory would do, so I moved everything to the free tier host. For more details about OCI’s free resources, click here.

As far as I know, it is possible for anyone who has OCI account to have a free tier host in us-ashburn-1 region in Availability Domain 3 with an AMD CPU. I saw a free tier host with ARM CPU just recently but I will wait and see if docker-compose releases bits for ARM processor. I don’t know if they will charge me for anything, but we will see. Once DNS propagates to this new host, I am going to terminate the old host.

Edit: I was just digging the OCI’s UI and found the combination is free. Just need to have docker-compose for ARM processor…

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