What Consists of This Blog

Like I said in my previous blog, I have moved my blog from iPage.com to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. There were 2 motivation to move my blog to my own Cloud. One was because iPage.com was very slow. It’s a cheap service so I was getting what I was paying for. My second motivation was I wanted to Dockerize everything just because I was very curious about what I could do with the technical knowledge I learned over the years. So, what consists of this blog?

  • A Ubuntu VM
  • VM.Standard.E3.Flex Shape
  • 1 CPU with 2GB Memory
  • Docker CE
  • MySQL Container
  • phpMyAdmin Container
  • WordPress Container
  • NGINX Container as a Reverse Proxy
  • All Containers are in docker-compose YAML file
  • Internet Gateway
  • Security List to accept traffic from the Internet to the VM.
  • Change to A Record in iPage.com’s DNS to the public IP address.

I have used Terraform to provision the VM so that I can consistently reprovision the same VM over and over.

I will write about the details more in the coming weeks as I organize what I have done to accomplish the migration.

Moved to OCI

I have completely migrated my blog from iPage.com to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. There were some struggles over the last few weeks but I have learned how to solve the problems.

I will start to blog about the struggles I had to migrate my blog. One thing that I have accomplished is Dockerize WordPress + NGINX. This is something I have always wanted to do. My struggles paid off and my blog runs so much faster. It runs on a VM with 1 CPU with 2 GB memory on AMD. I will see how much it costs and will talk about it here.

My site runs on Ubuntu. I was able to clean up some mess that accumulated over the years in the database too.

Will blog again.