Love Linux Mint

I have gone thorough distro hopping like a lot of Linux users do but I have always come back to Linux Mint.

It is so easy to install and it looks beautiful. And the performance is more than satisfactory. I use MATE as its desktop environment. Some people might say I am not geek enough for not using an OS like FreeBSD but I don’t care though I’m a proud geek. I care more about being able use the OS without spending too much time on configuring the OS itself before I can start to use it.

When I use Linux Mint, it’s only a few things I have to configure before I can use it. Linux Mint is a descendant of Ubuntu but it feels it’s lighter than Ubuntu. The ease of use is no comparison. I used to use Cinnamon desktop environment but I got to love MATE.

There are some other popular Linux distro but I have been loving Linux Mint in the past 7 to 8 years.

I sincerely appreciate all the work that Linux Mint engineers do. To show my appreciation, I have donated to them in the past and I intend to do it again very soon.

I use macOS as my work OS but I would like to use Linux Mint in the future. I wonder if my company lets me do that…

If you have not tried Linux Mint, I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

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