Screenshot from Terminal

Linux-mint is my choice of Linux distro. I can focus on my things to do without having to care about much of device drivers and other nitty gritty stuff just to start to use the OS.

I was wondering a screen capture tool on it. I purchase SnagIt license for screen capture but I don’t think it is available on Linux. I found a nice command line tool called scrot. To install it…

sudo apt-get install scrot

If you want to select certain area by mouse, execute the following

scrot --select

Here is the example of a capture.

If you want to capture a different tab and need a bit of a delay, you can use sleep command to give yourself a bit of time before it is in a capture mode.

sleep 5;scrot --select

This means you have it wait for 5 seconds before you execute scrot command.

The screen capture files are saved in our home directory.

This tool is very impressive. It can do pretty much what you need it to do getting images for your documentations and other purposes.

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