WordPress Migration to OCI: Create a Host and Configure

We will need an instance to host the WordPress blog. Here are the steps.

Create a Host (Instance)

Login to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You already should have an account with OCI.

Click the menu at the left corner and Compute -> Instances.

Click Create Instance button.

Do the following in the next screen.

  1. Give the instance a name.
  2. Click Change Image button and select CentOS 7.6.
  3. Select AD3 in Availability Domain.
  4. Click Change Shape button and select VM Standard E2.1 Micro. This is a free tier available in OCI.

Paste the content of your public key located at ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub to the SSH Keys textbox.

Finally click Create button at the bottom.

After a while, the instance is created and available for you to SSH into it. Let’s SSH!

Update the Base CentOS 7

Check the assigned public IP address for the host in the detail page of the instance you just provisioned.

Open Terminal and enter the following command.

$ ssh opc@[your public IP address]

And then install epel-release repository.

$ sudo yum install epel-release

Now update the packages.

$ sudo yum upgrade


We went over how to provision an instance (host) on OCI and SSH into it in the free tier. We will cover how to add things to the provisioned host next time.

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