WordPress Migration to OCI: Backing Up Data

There are many steps in migrating WordPress blog to another host. In this first attempt, I am going to cover backing up data.

Backup Database

In many web site hosts, phpMyAdmin is available to manage database such as MySQL or Maria DB.

Open the phpMyAdmin UI and click on the WordPress database, and then click Export.

Click Custom – display all possible options and Add CREATE DATABASE /USE statement. And then click Go button.

The browser automatically downloads the SQL file to your local machine. Keep the file for later use.

Backup WordPress Files

Use FTP or (preferably) SFTP to download all the WordPress files to. your local machine so that you can upload them to your new host.

I recommend that you use software like FileZilla. Your website host might have a way for you to compress the files and let you download them. It really doesn’t matter which method you use to get all the WordPress files.

Keep the files for later use.


The next blog article will be about provisioning OCI host.

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