Planning of WordPress Migration to OCI’s Free Tier

At the time of writing this blog, I am planning to migrate this blog from to OCI’s free tier. Here is the list of what I’m planning.

  1. Backing up database.
  2. Backing up WordPress files.
  3. Install CentOS 7 on OCI and update.
  4. Configure CentOS 7 to accept 80 and 443 inbound traffic.
  5. Install Maria DB on it.
  6. Install NGINX.
  7. Install myPHPAdmin and get it to work with Maria DB.
  8. Restore data to the Maria DB database.
  9. Create user for WordPress in Maria DB and give it privileges.
  10. Upload the backed up WordPress files.
  11. Configure wp-config.php.
  12. Configure SSL in NGINX.
  13. Configure NGINX to redirect HTTP (port 80) to HTTPS (port 443).
  14. Change DNS configuration in to route the traffic to the OCI instance.

I decided to go for NGINX because I feel it is a superior web service/reverse proxy. I will write more about the migration as I go through every single step.

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