Planning for Dockerized WordPress

The home project I’ve been working on is to migrate this blog site hosted on to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. On my way to it, I’m also dockerize it.

Before I start a WordPress container, I should think about how I’m going to host the dockerized WordPress. In other words, I need to think about the architecture. Here is what I’m thinking.

I’m going to list the things I will work on.

  • Open ports 80 and 443. Possibly just open http and https in firewalld.
  • Install NGINX, start and enable it.
  • Install Docker Compose.
  • Create docker compose file and start WordPress.
  • Open port 80 to the instance on OCI side.
  • Map Docker 80 to 80 just to test it.
  • Create SSL certificate using
  • Implement SSL on NGINX
  • Route port 443 traffic to NGINX to port 80 of the WordPress container. Make sure it works.
  • Migrate the data.
  • Change DNS to point the IP address hosted on OCI.

There is still quite a bit of way to go but it’s going to be fun.


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