Migrating WordPresss to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

My blog is hosted at ipage.com. I don’t really have a problem with it. The price is very reasonable and I’ve been with them for a few years.

I’m an engineer and I want to have control over every single thing. The best option is to move my blog to cloud. By doing this project, I will be learning how things work with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Here is what I have already done.

  1. Created my own personal Oracle Cloud Infrastructure account and set the budget limit though I have 30 days trial with $300 credit so I have a plenty of time.
  2. Created a Oracle Linux 7 VM.
  3. Installed Docker on it. Referred to this article.
  4. Downloaded my WordPress files to my local dev machine.
  5. Backed up MySQL database as SQL file as data backup.

As you may be able to see, I’m planning to migrate my WordPress blog to Docker. I will try to blog about the process I’m taking in the coming days.

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