Building Bash Muscle (13)

Let’s talk about some cook tips with the terminal. These tips are not directly related to bash itself but very useful tips

Ctrl+L will clear the screen but it does not clear the buffer. If you scroll up, you get to see the previously executed command result.

If you do Ctrl+A, the cursor will move to the beginning of the line. You can accomplish the same thing with Home button.

Ctrl+Right Arrow lets you move the cursor forward by a word. Ctrl+Left Arrow lets you move the cursor backward by a word.

Alt+U capitalizes all the letters after the cursor. Alt+L lowers all the letters after the cursor.

Ctrl+S stops output of the screen and Ctrl+Q resumes it.

!! repeats the last command.

Alt+D removes the word right after the cursor. Ctrl+K removes everything after the cursor. Ctrl+U removes everything before the cursor.

These tips and tricks should make your bash life a little more productive. 🙂


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