Love Linux

I love Linux. It’s been quite a long way with computing. I had been a hard core Windows guy until about 15 years ago. I went for Mac OS X (remember eMac?) and then to Hacintosh for about 10 years. Then I was spending way too much time hacking just to get the system to work, so I went for Linux Mint. I was already using Linux Mint for my media server in my living room, so I had no hesitance there.  I do still use Windows on a VM and my company provided work laptop is an HP Windows machine, but my daily driver at home is Linux Mint.

This guy Bryan Lunduke has such an enthusiasm for Linux. I listen to his YouTube podcast quite often. He seems to live in NW area and so do I. I hope to see him some day. 🙂

This one is one of my favorite. Linux runs everywhere even on a cow milking machine and that is awesome! 😀

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