Building Bash Muscle (6) sed

What if you want to replace text in a file? Use sed. I will give the simplest example. First, I’m creating a text file that has “hello world” in it.

echo 'hello world' > test.txt

I’m going to replace “hello” with “hi” and create a new file called test_new.txt.

cat test.txt | sed 's/hello/hi/g' > test_new.txt

You can accomplish the same operation without using pipe.

sed 's/hello/hi/g' test.txt > test_new.txt

If you want to just replace the text without creating a new file…

sed -i 's/hello/hi/g' test.txt

If you want to create a backup file, you can add .bak right after -i option like the following example.

sed -i.bak 's/hello/hi/g' test.txt

This way, the original content of test.txt is preserved in test.txt.bak.

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