CentOS 8 Installation

I downloaded CentOS 8 and I’ve installed the minimal install on my ESXi. There are some changes from CentOS 7 installation but there weren’t anything that got me confused.

I will paste some screenshot so that you get some feel for what to expect with CentOS 8 installation screen.

Initial screen
Software Selection. “Server with GUI” is the default option, so if you want to create a server, make sure to select Minimal Install.
Set at least root password here
This is something we never saw in CentOS 7. Just accept the license and move on.


There is nothing too special in CentOS 8 installation. Just make sure what you want to install in Software Selection before you “Begin Installation.”

I will cover these things later but nmtui, yum, systemctl, hostnamectl are still available. Restarting network got me kind of confused because you have to systemctl restart NetworkManager in CentOS 8. Otherwise, it’s been pretty much the same so far.

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