Netflix’s (no) DevOps -> Culture

I just watched the entire video of “How Netflix Thinks of DevOps” twice. It’s amazing to hear about the world class company’s system architecture and its culture. There is a lot to learn not only about its technology but their mindset and culture.

The part that I was most inspired about was the culture part. So many companies and recruiters are only interested in the number of years of experience and how many years of experience you have on certain technology. Don’t get me wrong. Experience is very important and as a person who has 21 years of experience, I have learned so much through my experience.

What I’m saying is quite often we engineers are not asked about the mindset and culture we bring to the company. I think the culture and mindset is very important. Extremely important. What I feel the most important thing is is the person someone you think you can work with and be able to contribute to your organization? When a company or recruiter asks me “how do you rate yourself with PowerShell out of 10?”, it really turns me off. Such a shallow way of gauging an engineer’s skill set. Isn’t it time when we are asked different kind of questions in hiring process?

As much as having technical knowledge is important, having the right mindset is critically important as an engineer.

After I published this article, I thought of definition of DevOps.

DevOps should not really be a job title. It’s a set of tools, automated processes, mindset and culture that helps move code from development to QA to staging to production systems as fast as possible with quality and values to customers. Agree?

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