Buying a Server

I just ordered a server. Not a desktop PC but a server. I never thought of buying one but I have been wanting either a Mac where I can test things or a PC.

This morning I typed “PC server” on and found this one. It turned out that a PC server is a much better deal. Now that my older son came back home with computer science diploma, I thought he and I should have a home lab.

Here is the spec.

  • 2 of 2.93 Intel Xeon 6 core processors = 12 cores
  • 2TB hard drive
  • 6 SATA slots
  • 64GB DDR3 memory

All these for $520. I was going to get a Mac mini but this is a far better deal. I intend to install ESXi and to make it a VMWare server. Sure, I should do proof of concept stuff on AWS or Azure or whatever cloud solution I may choose, but on-prem is a cheaper way to do experiments.

I can’t wait to share my experiments with it here on my blog!

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