Puppet Agent Installation on CentOS 7

I have explained how to install Puppet master in my previous blog. I will now explain how to install Puppet agent on a CentOS 7.

Let’s first open Puppet Enterprise UI. If you click Unsigned Certs tab, you will see the command that you can use to install Puppet agent.

ssh into your host where you plan to run your Puppet agent. And execute the command.

curl -k https://puppet:8140/packages/current/install.bash | sudo bash

Once the execution is complete, go back to Puppet Enterprise web UI. You will see number “1” next to Unsigned certs. This means that the agent you have just installed is waiting for the certificate request to be accepted so that it can start to really communicate with the Puppet master. Let’s just accept the certificate.

After a little while, if you click Nodes tab, you will see the node you just accepted the certificate for shows up in the list.

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