How to Upgrade Jenkins on Azure

After you provision and configure your Jenkins instance on Azure, after a while you may get a notification in Manage Jenkins section like the following. I tested the steps on Azure but the same method can be applied to any Jenkins deployed on Ubuntu.

Here are the steps to upgrade the Jenkins master.

  1. Copy the link to the latest Jenkins war file.
  2. ssh into the VM on Azure where the Jenkins instance is hosted.
    $ ssh
  3. Run wget to download the file.
    $ wget
  4. Stop jenkins daemon.
    $ sudo systemctl stop jenkins
  5. Copy the downloaded jenkins.war to /usr/share/jenkins
    $ sudo cp -f ~/jenkins.war /usr/share/jenkins
  6. Start jenkins daemon.
    $ sudo systemctl start jenkins
  7. Open the browser to the Jenkins (or refresh) to check the lower right corner for the version.

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