DockerCon Notes 4/30/2019

  • Container is not a VM.
  • Container is just another process.
  • dockerd does not sit between the OS and container. It’s also another process.
  • docker image history
  • docker image history imagenamehere –no-image-trunc
  • Do not add any secrets in Docker images. Rebuild if it’s the case.
  • RUN apt-get update && \
    apt-get install -y pythong python-pip && \
    This reduces the size of the image instead of using many RUNs.
  • Persist data: -v $HOME/mysql-data:/var/lib/mysql (volume)
  • docker volume inspect to find actual location.
  • Mind the clustered environment for data persistence.
  • If containers are in the same subnet, they can talk to each other.
  • Docker DNS resolves IPs .
  • Docker Compose
  • Orchestration Managers, Workers
  • Docker Swarm

Lecture by Kohsuke Kawaguchi (the creator of Jenkins)

  • Data driven DevOps
  • Email appropriate team instead of just to DevOps on build/deployment failures.
  • Even stupid regex will work.
  • Machine Learning
  • Cultural shift is very difficult.
  • Don’t just tell your boss that you want to do something but show him/her things will be glorious with data.

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