Switched to Linux Mint

I did some OS hopping in the past. I have been a long time Windows user and then I switched my home machine to Mac about a more than decade ago. Mac switch was just out of my curiosity as an engineer. I wanted to see what Steve Jobs and his people were secretly cooking. It took me about a year to get really familiarized with the environment and I’m glad I did.

On the side, I had been installing multiple Linux distros on my VMWare Fusion. I knew they were more than viable solutions, but I wasn’t so sure as a desktop OS. GNOME, Mate, KDE and there are multiple desktop environments in the Linux world but I wasn’t convinced to really switch.

As of now I have switched my main desktop environment to Linux Mint. I tried Ubuntu GNOME and Mate but I like Linux Mint better. I hear good things about Arch and some other distros but the main purpose me using my computer is coding not spending so much time just to get my environment up and running, so Linux Mint makes the most sense to me.

I love the UI and I’m pleasantly surprised by how sophisticated it is. Of course, a lot of core stuff inherits from Ubuntu which also inherits from Debian and without the “forked” projects, there wouldn’t be no Linux Mint. I think it’s the beauty of open source projects.

I have also installed VMWare Workstation Pro which allows me to host Windows and other OSes as necessary. I do have a Windows 10 VM up and running on it as I still need Windows for some things.

I spent pretty much the whole weekend to do my research and my experiments to create the environment. I’m quite happy with what I have got and excited to explore more in this environment.

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