If you are a developer, you have heard of the name. I’m a big fan of JetBrains. I was a C# developer and ReSharper has been a really good investment and it has made me a better C# developer.

Now that I’m with a company that uses Java and I have had opportunities to develop some Java application, I gave IntellJ IDEA a try and it has been a pleasure. I cannot live without the IDE anymore.

One day about a month ago, I got an email saying that I get to buy the license to use all JetBrains’ IDE products for $149 annually so I wasted no time to purchase the license. I just checked their web site and all products pack is at $649. How did $149 happen? I had been a ReSharper customer for a few years so I guess JetBrains gave me a good deal?

If you are serious about software development, JetBrains products are totally worth your money. I enjoy using their products everyday.

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